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  • Maintenance of brake system of tank car

    2019-10-18 17:20:13
  • Is chassis armor useful?

    2019-10-18 17:17:36
    Speaking of automobile chassis armor, we all know that it is to spray a layer of black glue under the chassis! This understanding must be correct. In fact, the chassis armor is also known as "chassis anti rust and sound insulation adhesive". Few people will know this name. So does chassis armor work?
  • What is the function of automobile brake oil?

    2019-10-18 17:14:07
    The freezing point of automobile brake oil is very low, and it has good fluidity at low temperature.
  • The performance advantages of tin box and tin can packaging

    2019-10-18 17:10:27
    In recent years, tin box has made rapid development, compared with other packaging, tin box packaging can with unique outstanding characteristics, the scope of application gradually expanded, and by the majority of consumers love.
  • Is tinplate an environmentally friendly packaging material

    2019-10-18 17:08:22
    Tinplate is an environmental protection packaging material. The existing containers include iron cans, aluminum cans, paper and plastic containers. The recycling characteristics of these containers are different, but the recycling of iron cans is better than other packaging containers.
  • Why do cars need to change brake oil

    2019-10-18 17:05:55
    Why should the car change the brake oil? Some cars come into the store for maintenance. When they check the brake oil, they use the brake oil test pen to check all the red lights. Then the tester will ask the customer if the brake is soft and the brake distance is long. Then the customer said that he felt that the brake pedal always sank when he stepped on it, which was true after the test run.
  • What are the additives of lubricating oil?

    2019-10-18 17:01:37
    The lubricating oil additive tank produced by Guangzhou Yingli Products Co., Ltd. is of high quality and easy to use, which is your ideal choice.
  • What kind of material do we usually use to make glue cans?

    2019-10-18 16:59:17
    Glue tanks are generally made of metal or fiberglass, which are durable, but compare the difference between them.
  • Pay attention to 8 points when using the brake oil tank!

    2019-10-18 16:56:47
    If gasoline, diesel, engine oil or glass water are mixed into brake oil carelessly, the braking effect will be greatly affected. It should be replaced in time.
  • Guidelines for the use of food additives

    2019-10-18 16:54:40
    Yingli's additive cans are of excellent quality and beauty, but how much do you know about common food additives?
  • Nutritional value of walnut oil

    2019-10-18 16:51:59
    In addition to producing additive tanks, Yingli also produces walnut oil tanks. What are the nutritional values of walnut oil? Let's have a look!
  • Have you changed the brake oil this year?

    2019-10-18 16:49:15
    It is often said that the brake oil is recommended to be replaced every two years, but the cycle can be long or short according to the service conditions. The replacement cycle of brake oil is different from the official maintenance cycle for each brand of car, which is related to the brand and model of brake oil. The brake oil has certain corrosiveness and strong water absorption. Now many maintenance stations have special tools for testing the water content of brake oil, which can be tested to see if it needs to be replaced. The brake oil must be replaced regularly when the maintenance time is up. It is better to carry out maintenance according to the maintenance period specified by the manufacturer.
  • Does chassis armor really need attention?

    2019-10-18 16:46:31
    The chassis is the closest part of the car to the ground besides the tires. The chassis is an important part to support and install the automobile engine and its components and assemblies, form the overall shape of the automobile, bear the engine power and ensure normal driving. As the saying goes: a bad car starts with a bad bottom. The chassis is particularly susceptible to corrosion and rust due to long-term contact with ground sewage and dirt.
  • What are the effects of walnut oil?

    2019-10-18 16:44:59
    As a healthy edible oil, walnut oil is much more expensive than peanut oil and corn oil. Walnut oil, which is made from fresh walnut by complex technology, has better effect on human body than common edible oil, and its price is more expensive. What are the effects and functions of walnut oil, which is known as the same precious as olive oil?
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