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    Yl-1019-chassis armored iron tank

    Chassis armored iron tank
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    Chassis tank
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    2019-10-19 10:16:59
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Guangzhou Yingli packaging products Co., Ltd. is located in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, with a modern factory building of 5000 square meters. The company's products are used in many fields such as fine chemical product packaging, automobile chemical product packaging, cosmetics packaging, food and alcohol packaging, gift packaging and so on. The main products are round tank, Yingli can, water absorption tank, stamping tank, square tank, heterosexual tank, bone buckle tank and so on. Our customers are located in more than 20 countries and regions, such as North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. our company has conducted economic and trade exchanges with all countries in the world in full accordance with the international trade practices, and now we have become a famous professional can manufacturer at home and abroad.

The company has all kinds of can making molds, all kinds of can making machinery and equipment, and generates 50 million iron cans every year. The company has a mold workshop, which is responsible for the mold development and manufacturing of round tank, square tank and special-shaped tank. At the same time, we also design and manufacture according to customers' requirements. Since its establishment, the company has determined the management concept of "safety, efficiency, high quality and low consumption" for additive tank, and the talent strategy of "people-oriented and merit based".

In the tide of market economy, Yingli chassis armored tank always adheres to the enterprise management principle of "honesty and pragmatism, innovation and progress". With first-class quality and perfect service, we sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

Texture of material


Is it customized?


Product model

brand Yingli Technology  


Whether to support 7-day return without reasonYes

Support mixed batch


Conventional diameter

84MM*189MMConventional caliberCustomized
capacity1000MLWhether goods are delivered from stockYesPlace of Origin Guangzhou
colourcolourWhether it can be OEMYes

Do you mail packages?


Function / purpose

Candy can, candle can, tea can, storage box, medical and health care, vapor protection packaging, other packagingPrice

Example: RMB 1.9 for 1-50 pieces

RMB 1.6 for 50-100 pieces

>RMB 1.5 for 100 pieces

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